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Illuminated flat field foil, 420mm active diameter, mounted in frame

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Illuminated Aurora Flatfield foil, mounted in a solid frame, 420mm active diameter, with inverter and 12V cigarette lighter connection

Until now taking flatfields was annoying with bulky flatfield-boxes, searching for the right spot in the sky or something like this. Lots of people skipped taking flats because of this!

The Aurora foils are offer you a new, comfortable and reliable way to capture flatfield data with your imaging system. There is no need for bulky flatfield boxes or getting the correct timeslot for skyflats: Simply place your Aurora Foil in front of your instrument, switch the inverter on an start getting flatfield data! The Aurora foil is lightweight, easy to handle and gives you a perfect even illuminated surface.

Benefits of Aurora foils:
perfectly even illuminated surface! Broad, continuous spectrum, may be used with emission line filters.
Lightweight and easy to handle. Inverter for 12V (standard equipment) and 110/240V (optionally available). Perfect for stationary and mobile use!

The light from the foil looks blueish/white. Most foils from other sources seem to be white to the human eye, but the light is made of discrete emission lines. Due to this the foils from most other sources at not suitable for narrowband emission line filters. Gerd Neumann tested the products of all manufacturers worlwide and selected these foils because they are best for astronomical applications.
The spectrum of the Aurora is not made of some emission lines (like most foils do!). It has a very broad, continuous emission across the whole spectrum. This fact makes the foils great for narrowband emission line filters.

EF Flatfield Leuchtfolie im Einsatz

The brightness of the Aurora foil can not be controlled electronically. If the foil is too bright for your setup (very fast instruments), you should place one or more sheets of paper or a piece of white plexiglass between the foil and your telescope. The brightness is very even across the whole surface. It works well for the most critical observations, even photometry or spectroscopy.

The foil is illuminated by an external high voltage, which is produced by the "inverter" you have also received. The high voltage is produced at a very low amperage, so there is no danger to you. A normal Wall-Transformer does not work!
Please use the foil only with the supplied matching inverter. Connecting a foil to a inverter of the wrong size reduces the livetime very much! Current drain: 12V / 500 mA.

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