<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 30.06.2020 (33 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 30.06.2020 (33 days)

APM Riccardi APO Reducer and Corrector 0,75x - M82 connection

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APM Riccardi APO Reducer and Corrector 0,75x - M82 connection

Astrophotograph field corrector and focal reducer for apochromatic refractor telescopes from APM

♦ Reduction factor: 0.75x

♦ Telecope side connection: M82x1 thread (male)

♦ Camera side sonnection: M82x1 thread (female)

♦ Working distance: between 76 mm und 92 mm, depending on the telescope´s focal length

♦ Illumination and correction: up to full-frame sensors

♦ Necessary back focus when the corrector is screwed to the focuser: approx. 210 mm

♦ Diameter of the body for sinking into the draw tube: 90 mm - the corrector can be sunk into various 3.5" focusers. Thus the necessary back focus is reduced to approx. 110 mm.


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