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Baader Fringe Killer 2" against violet fringes of refractors

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Baader Fringe Killer 2 Fringe Killer 2" - Contrast enhancement and reduction of false colour at refractors

The Fringe Killer is a further development of the simple minus violet filter. It lets more of the blue light pass thus causing less colour shift. Additionally, contrast is enhanced significantly. Filter thickness: 2 mm

The Fringe Killer is recommended for the following telescopes:

-- every achromatic refractor from 70 to 150 mm aperture when the user wants to reduce the false colour inherent to the system and increase contrast.
Baader Fringe Killer transmission curve
Fields of use:

-- Moon and Planets: Contrast is enhanced, the detectability of faint detail increases.

-- Terrestrial observation: Contrast is increased also here.

-- Double stars: Resolution is increased because the colour fringes around the stars are reduced.

-- Astro photography: Contrast is enhanced and the star diameters become smaller. IR radiation is completely blocked.

Baader Fringe Killer - example on Sirius The Fringe Killer's effect at the example of Sirius (left picture):

The upper column shows already after 1/10 second integration time the blue colour fringe as a halo around the star.

With the Fringe Killer (lower column), the blue halo is significantly reduced thus enhancing contrast and resolution.

The Fringe Killer's effect at daytime use and photography:

The picture below is an impressive demonstration of this filter's contrast enhancement - left picture without, right picture with Fringe Killer.

Baader Fringe Killer - example for daytime use

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