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Baader Maxbright Binoviewer - 1,25" & T2 Connection

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Baader MaxBright Binoviewer - for binocular use of your telescope
Telescope adaptation: T2 thread and 1,25'

With the Maxbright binoviewer Baader Planetarium has created what we consider to be one of the best and certainly most versatile binoviewers in the price range under 500 Euros. Compared with other similar looking binoviewers the Max Bright binocular viewer has several major improvements in detail. It is made according to the strict quality standards set by Baader.

In the past few years a broad range of low-cost binoviewers has become available. These new binoviewers have been conversely discussed in the various newsgroups and forums. Frequently found problems were miscollimation or a lack of adaptations suitable for getting the binoviewer to operate on some telescopes.

The Baader MaxBright Bino addresses these concerns and provides the solution:

Baader has changed many details of the binoviewer's design in order to eliminate the problems at their source. The mechanical body was opened up so that it is easier to reach the prisms in case recollimation might be needed. The prisms themselves are held in place securely to avoid accidental miscollimation after a soft shock. The eyepieces are held by improved eyepiece clamps that in turn can be collimated. The result of all these modifications is a perfectly aligned, clear image.

Which eyepieces can be used?

The clear aperture on the telescope side is 23mm, which is much larger than most comparable binoviewers. The aperture on the eyepiece side is also larger than in comparable products with a diameter of 21mm. This allows you to use eyepieces with a larger field of view. We recommend Plossl or Super Plossl eyepieces up to 25mm or moderate wide angle eyepieces up to 20mm focal length. Some of the most recommended eyepiece models:

-- TS Super Plossl 9mm , 12mm , 15mm , 20mm and 25mm
-- all 1.25" TS WA eyepieces
-- HR Planetary eyepieces for high magnifications

....................................................... You can find these eyepieces linked under "recommended accessories"


Prisms - clear aperture
The prisms are properly dimensioned in order to facilitate viewing of comparatively large fields of view. This is particularly important for deep sky observations.

Clear aperture on the telescope side: approx. 23mm
Clear aperture on the eyepieces side: approx. 21mm

Important detail: Many sellers state only one of the apertures - usually the larger one.

Required Optical Path
The optical length of the Maxbright Binoviewer is about 110mm
The Maxbright binoviewer has the "Hyperion coating", a high grade multicoating, on all glass-to-air surfaces. This results in a generously improved image brightness even for deep sky observing. Simpler coatings will render much darker images.

Telescope Adaptation:

This is the second great advantage of the Magbright binoviewer. It has a standard T2 thread for the adaptation to the telescope. Various optional adaptors to almost any telescope exist.

Eyepiece Clamps:
The Baader Max Bright Binoviewer accepts 1.25" eyepieces. The eyepieces are locked with up to three thumbscrews each. This helps to avoid the effect that an eyepiece can be tilted out of the optical axis. Compared with a compression ring the advantage is that screws are better suited when an eyepiece has a safety undercut.

Diopter Adjustment:
Both eyepieces are focused individually by twisting the respective eyepiece holder. A large diopter difference between both eyes can be compensated.
Safe transportation and storage: The hard case
The binoviewer is supplied with a hard case with foam-fitting. The case provides protection from dirt and especially from mechanical shocks.

A large range of accessories - available from Teleskop-Service at special rates when purchased in combination with the Maxbright binoviewer:

-- glass path corrector - different correction factors - 1.25" and 2"

up ...
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