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Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w

Skywatcher EQ8 Synscan GoTo Mount with Tripod - 50 kg payload capacity

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Skywatcher EQ8 Synscan GoTo Mount with Tripod - 50 kg payload capacity

An exciting new extra heavy-duty, observatory class German equatorial mount, with a payload capacity of up to 50 kg.

♦ Over 42,900 celestial objects in its database.

♦ Encoders in both axes - no loss of orientation even after manual positioning

♦ High-torque motors

♦ Stiff and stable design

♦ Solid pier tripod

♦ PPEC reduces periodic error

♦ Auto-Home Function for a defined home position

♦ Exposure control for cameras

♦ Solid case for mount head


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General Accessories:
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Power Supply:
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Power Supply 12 V - 6 A max. - stabilized, for high loads

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