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Astrolumina ALccd11 Full 35mm Size Monochrome CCD Camera with 11 MPixel

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Astrolumina ALccd11 Full 35mm Size Monochrome CCD Camera with 11 MPixel

This camera is a price-sensitive alternative to top-of-the-line CCD systems. But it offers the same image quality!

♦ Sensor : Kodak KAI 11002

♦ Full size

♦ Chip size: 37,25 mm x 25,70 mm (diagonal 45,26 mm)

♦ Active pixels: 4032 x 2688

♦ Pixel Size: 9.0 µm x 9.0 µm (square)

♦ 2-stage TEC cooling (dT max: 40 K)

♦ Anti Blooming Gate

♦ Power supply is optional


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