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Skywatcher EQ5 Equatorial Mount without tripod - for telescopes up to 10 kg

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Skywatcher EQ5 Equatorial Mount without tripod - for telescopes up to 10 kg

The Skywatcher # 20464 is a stable and portable equatorial mount, which is very expandable up to GoTo and astrophotography.

♦ We offer the mount here without tripod, for all amateur astronomers who already have a suitable tripod or want to combine the mount with a suitable tripod or a pier.

♦ Carries telescopes up to 10 kg weight

♦ High-quality mechanics, precise worms and worm gears (ball bearing) for clean tracking

♦ Saddle plate (Vixen / EQ5-Level) for your telescope

♦ The mount axes are ball bearing mounted for easy and precise adjustment.

♦ Mounting for optical or electronic polar finder - covered with protective cap

♦ Two counterweights of 5 kg each and a small dovetail bar are included in the scope of delivery.

♦ Optimum expandability with stepper motors and GoTo motors up to fully automatic mounting for your telescope

♦ The declination axis can be removed from the mount, for example for conversion into an astro tracker.


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