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Skywatcher motorized tilt/pan head for observation, photo & astr

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Skywatcher Merlin Multi-functional motorized tilt/swing head - max. 4kg load
... for photography and observation with controlled motorized movement in both axes

Merlin geared motor head(L-holder optional)

The fully motorized Merlin tilt/swing head offers a plenty of opportunities for photography and observation. Two powerful motors enable controlled swings. Fix spotting scopes, small telescopes or cameras using the Vixen-style dovetail clamp. We recommend using the L-holder listed in the accessories section.

Fields of use:

-- Nature observation: using the control box, you can follow the objects without problems - birds, ships, planes...

-- Photography: contolled swings make smooth pannings possible - essential for aesthetical video captures and stop-

-- Celestial observation: after a short alignment, celestial objects can be tracked automatically. Stars and planets
remain inside the field of view - ideal when spotting scopes or telescops are used for astronomy.

-- Astro photography: even astro photography with exposure times up to approx. 60 seconds is possible. Make
impressive pictures of star fields and the milky way using your wide angle lens!

So the Merlin geared motor head is a real multi talent; interesting for the nature observer and the hobby astronomer also. It accepts loads up to approx. 4 kgs.

Merlin as a base for time lapse imaging!
See the Youtube link below

Technical details:

-- Powerful servo motors for precise swings / tilts
-- 12V power supply (8x AA batteries or external)
-- Three speeds: 0.25°/min, 1°/min and 1°/sec
-- Terrestrial targets can be saved and pointed automatically
-- Vixen level dovetail clamp for spotting scopes and cameras
-- "Cruise & Shoot Auto Imaging" remote control for Canon EOS DSLR cameras
-- Quick & easy alignment procedure for astronomical tracking
-- Suitable for instruments up to 4 kgs and approx. 400mm length
-- Field tripod with max. height of approx. 156cm included

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