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Orion Multiple Filter Wheel for 4x 2" Filters

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Orion 2" Multiple 4-Filter Wheel
... manual Filter Wheel for 4x 2" filters
... 2" connection on the telescope site and T-Thread on the camera site

Orion 5525 filterwheel

-- Anodized aluminum filter wheel conveniently allows switching of up to four 2" astrophotogrpahy and/or eyepiece filters
Essential time-saver for tri-color astrophotography with large-format monochrome CCD cameras

-- T-threads on the camera side of the filter wheel allows secure, threaded attachment to most astrophotography cameras

-- Filter wheel includes 2" nosepiece for easy attachment to any 2" telescope focuser or accessory

-- Helps protect your imaging filters from dust , dew, and scratches during use and when idle

-- Outer diameter: 140 mm

More information:

When it comes to field illumination for astrophotography, bigger definitely is better! Enter Orion’s new 2" Multiple 4-Filter Wheel, which allows convenient switching of up to four 2" filters for astrophotography. Since many of today’s larger format monochrome Charge Coupled Device (CCD) imagers require 2" telescope filters for larger field illumination, this affordable solution provides fast and easy transition between multiple filters.

The Orion 2" Multiple Filter Wheel can be easily attached to a 2" telescope focuser using the included 2" thread-on nosepiece, which provides maximum field illumination to the imaging camera. A removable T-thread ring on the camera side allows for direct threaded attachment of the filter wheel to astrophotography cameras. Compatible with all 2" imaging filters from TS, Baader, Astronomik, Orion...., the 2" multiple filter wheel is not equipped or recommended for visual use.

This accessory is a must-have for monochrome astrophotographers, who need to take separate exposures through LRGB, or H-alpha, S-II and O-III tri-color imaging filters to obtain a color composite. Light finger pressure is all you need to rotate the wheel until the selected filter clicks into place.

The Orion 2" Multiple 4-Filter Wheel also provides a convenient and secure way to store your astrophotography filters and help protect them from dust and dew. Filters can be easily installed or changed by removing the cover with the included hex key. Requires 22mm additional focus travel. Weighs just 14oz.

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