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BAADER 60mm VARIO Finder / Spotting + guiding scope

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Baader 60mm VARIO Finder - with 60/250mm ASTRO objective
... a high-quality finder, rich field scope, guiding scope, telephoto lens
... optical design based on the phantastic Carl ZEISS C-Lens Design - up to 120x magnification

Baader VARIO Finder

Baader's 60mm VARIO finder is a true multi talent. Naming this system just "finder" does not become fair on it. The precise two-element achromatic objective with 60mm aperture and versatile connection options offer many opportunities. So the accessory space on your telescope is used optimally.

Fields of use for the VARIO finder:
-- 60mm SUPER finder with sharp image, 45° view and illuminated 25mm crosshair eyepiece
-- High image quality up to approx. 120x by ZEISS C-lens design
-- 60mm Spotting Scope for rich-field observation - be impressed by the image definition
-- Robust guiding scope - optimally suited for auto guiding applications
-- Contrasty telephoto lens for astro- and nature imaging
-- Nice travel spyglass with ¼" photo tripod adapter (included)

Variable viewing position, as you desire:

Baader VARIO Finder - straightBaader VARIO Finder - angled
The Baader VARIO Finder offers useful T2 connection and 1.25" also. Beneath cameras, you can connect 1.25" accessories like diagnoals, Amici prisms etc. Within a minute, this system can be altered from a straight telescope to a comfortable 90° right angle finder.

Baader VARIO Finder as guiding scope:

Baader VARIO Finder as guider with LVI

A very attractive solution for astro photographers: the VARIO finder as the ultimate guiding scope. The fast optical system supports any auto guider. All parts are solidly screwed into each other so there's no risk for tilting or bending. Change quickly between the "finder" and "guider" mode and keep unnecessary stress from your mount.

The Baader "Stronghold Tangent Assembly" is a brainy and precise accessory for this finder. We can offer it optinally.

Baader Vario Finder

Technical details:
-- Aperture: 60mm
-- Focal length: 250mm
-- Objective: Design Carl ZEISS C-lens doublet
-- Focusing with locking ring, 12mm range and additional rear push-focuser with 35mm travel
-- Eyepiece side connections: T2 and 1.25"
-- Photo tripod thread and GP-style dovetail rail included
-- Enough back focus for nearly all photographycal applications
-- Eyepiece: illuminated 25mm crosshair eyepiece included
-- Female thread of the metal dew cap ... M71x0,75

Scope of delivery:

-- Baader VARIO Finder 10x60
-- 45° Amici Prism for correct image orientation
-- 25mm crosshair eyepice (illuminated), with T2 connection
-- Photo tripod thread (1/4")

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Customer reviews:

Author: FERNANDO CORREA, 25.05.2016
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Amazing sharp mechanic. Excelent design. Optic with a little vigneting."


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