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Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS EQ5 PRO GoTo - 8" F/5 Telescope

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Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS EQ5 PRO GoTo - 8" F/5 Telescope

The telescope has a very good parabolic mirror and a stable 2" dual-speed focuser. It is suitable for observation and astrophotography, whereby it can be automatically positioned by the mount.

♦ Aperture 200 mm / focal length 1000 mm / focal ratio f/5

♦ Well light-gathering parabolic primary mirror for sharp and high-contrast imaging

♦ Thin and stable secondary mirror spider vanes

♦ Primary and secondary mirror are adjustable

♦ Sufficient working distance for all common coma correctors for astrophotography

♦ 2" Crayford focuser with speed reduction 10:1 and reduction to 1.25" and T2 connection

♦ Equatorial mount EQ5 Pro SynScan with automatic tracking and object positioning with high-quality stepper motors

♦ Over 42,900 objects in the database, including tours and objects in the solar system

♦ Very well suited for astrophotography due to accurate tracking, ST4 autoguiding interface and P.E.C.

♦ Sturdy, height-adjustable stainless steel tripod included


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