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Atik Titan: b/w CCD deep sky & planetary camera / Autoguider

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ATIK TITAN - The perfect introduction into astro-imaging

Planetary imaging: In high-speed mode, the Titan is able to record up to 15 frames per second in uncompressed 16 Bit format
Deep Sky imaging: The Titan's signature Atik cooling system produces low-noise, long-exposure images
Guiding: High sensitivity and high frame rates make it an ideal guide camera

You don't have to choose longer between planetary and deep-sky imaging. Now you can do both with the new Atik Titan. The Titan is the perfect newcomer's camera giving the user the capability of taking both planetary and deep-sky images. As a deep-sky camera, the cooled CCD with low read noise allows the detection of faint detail over long exposures. Planetary imaging moves the goal from sensitivity to resolution, requiring fast frame rates to capture the moments of best seeing. Excelling at both, the Titan is the perfect introductory camera.


TITAN - Moon

In high speed mode, the Titan is able to record up to 15 frames per second in uncompressed 16 Bit format. The high frame rate is important in order to capture steady seeing where the image becomes clear. The 16 Bit digitisation makes it easier to pull spectacular detail out of low contrast objects like the surface of the sun or the cloud belts of Saturn.

Deep Sky:

M1 TITAN Deep Sky Kamera

The Titan has a remarkable 5 electron read noise in deep sky mode which is better than many astro cameras costing thousands. The low read-out-noise allows faint detail to be teased out of the Titan's images. The Titan also features advanced cooling for long-exposure imaging.


Titan - Autoguider

The Titan's mix of high sensitivity and high frame rates makes it an ideal high-end guiding camera. It sports a standard ST-4 type guiding port on the back for direct connection to a mount. Guiding can be performed through our capture software or programs like MaxIm DL, Astro Art and CCD-Soft.

Quality software:

Capture - The Atik Titan comes with Atik's renowned capture application which provides a simple and intuitive yet powerful way to acquire images. Tools include a focus assistance readout, image sequencer, guide camera control and integration with Atik filter wheels. Capture aims to teke the stress out of imaging, making your time at the telescope more enjoyable. If you require compatibility withother software there are plug-ins for MaxIm DL, Astro Art and CCD soft.

Dawn - Also included is Dawn, Atik's new image-processing software. Like our cameras, it was designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use. It allows a sequence of image-processing steps to be represented in the form of a pictorial workflow which can be creaated with a few mouse clicks and can then be executed very easily for repeatable and speedy results.

Sensor type: Sony ICX424
Horizontal resolution: 659 px
Vertical resolution: 494 px
Pixel size: 7.4 x 7.4 µm
ADC: 16 Bit
Readout noise: 5e-
Interface: USB
Power: 12V DC 0.55A
Cooling: Thermoelectric, dT= -20° max.
Weight: 350 g
Guide port: ST-4 compatible
1.25" Nosepiece included

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Solar Photography with ATIK Titan Monochrome Damera

Marco Heeg

Sonne Atik Titan Lunt LS35

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