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Skywatcher HM5 Polar Scope for EQ3 and Celestron CG-4 mounts

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Skywatcher HM5 Polar Scope for EQ3 and Celestron CG-4 mounts

Skywatcher Polar Scope for EQ3 and CG4 mounts for precise Polar Alignment.

♦ Suitable for Skywatcher EQ3, EQ3-2 and Celestron CG4 mounts.

♦ Improved version with screw connection to mount

♦ Precise Polar Alignment of the mount (for e.g. astrophotography) within a few minutes.

♦ For using the Polar Scope you need an unobstructed view of the Polar star.

♦ This new version uses the Kochab method, which can easily found in the internet, for showing the correct position of the Polar star on the reticle.

♦ This Polar scope also works on the Southern Hemisphere, by using the position of sigma Octantis.


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