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TS-Optics Photoguider Upgrade - turns your EQ5 mount or similar into a Astrophoto Travel

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Starway Photoguider Upgrade for EQ5 / CG-5 / GP mounts
... turn your existing equatorial mount into a highly portable base for mobile astro imaging

EQ5 mount with installed photoguider upgrade
The Photoguider Upgrade installed on a Celestron CG-5 mount. Mount, dovetail clamps, panheads, cameras and lenses are optional.

The Photoguider Upgrade turns your existing EQ/GP mount into a highly portable Photoguider. The mount becomes much more portable and is ideal for airline travelling.

Photoguider Upgrade kit for EQ mountsThe Photoguider Upgrade Kit-Upgrade

Refitting your mount with the Photoguider is done in just a few minutes:

Remove the DEC axis from your mount by simply unscrewing the two allen screws on the top.

-- Install the Photoguider Upgrade in the position where the DEC axis was, using the existing allen screws. The hole in the center of the Photoguider allows you to continue using your polar scope for precise polar alignment. If you do not yet have a polar scope we definitely recommend to buy one as misalignment would otherwise seriously limit maximum exposure times.

-- The Photoguider Upgrade has a standard Vixen-style dovetail connection. You can attach and balance all sorts of instruments on it by means of a Vixen-style saddle plate and standard panheads or ball heads. For an example see the first image above!

Advantages of a refitted EQ or GP mount with Photoguider Upgrade:

-- Ideal for airline travelling (drastically reduced weight by removing the DEC axis and in particular the counterweights)
-- The basic functions of the mount (RA tracking, polar scope) remain functional.
-- You can easily install two imaging systems on the Photoguider at the same time.

The Photoguider Upgrade fits the following mounts:

-- Skywatcher ... EQ4 and EQ5
-- Celestron ... Advanced Mount and Advanced GoTo Mount (CG-5)
-- Vixen ... GPE, GP2, GPD2
-- Meade/Bresser ... LXD55, Mon2 .......... and many similar mounts

Recommended products for using the Photoguider Upgrade:
Further recommendations see below - under suggested accessories you will find more articles
Vixen style saddle plate Prismenklemme S Prismenklemme S

A saddle plate to connect other gear on the dovetail plate of the Photoguider. You can use this e.g. for adapting a ball head which in turn can carry the instrument. For mounting two instruments simultaneously you need two Prismenklemme S.
ballhead and panhead PH42 Triton combined Ball Head & Panhead

This ball head can be mounted onto the Prismenklemme S by means of a 1/4" screw and a 1/4" to 3/8" adaptor. It can then be used to hold the actual photographical instrument and to point it towards the desired object.
RA motor drive for EQ5 RA motor drive for EQ5 and compatible mounts

Most of the mounts compatible with the Photoguider Upgrade are also compatible with the same motor drive. This particular motor drive is a low cost option with good performance..

Using the Photoguider:

An EQ mount with Photoguider Upgrade is ideal for imaging with short focal lengths and minimum effort. Using the mount is very easy:

-- set up and polar align the mount as precisely as possible. The better the polar alignment the longer the possible exposure times before declination drift can ruin the image!
-- switch on the tracking motor
-- point the instrument at any object of your choice using the (optional) PH42 ball head. The RA axis does not need to be moved for this!
-- start exposure.

The maximum exposure time is limited by the polar alignment and by the tracking precision of your particular mount. We generally recommend short focal lengths which may then allow several minutes exposure times!

Example image taken with a Photoguider Upgraded mount:

Great Orion Nebula with a 135mm lens

up ...
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General Accessories:
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TS-Optics Dovetail Clamp XL for Vixen or EQ5 Style Dovetail Bars

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Skywatcher EQ5 Equatorial Mount without tripod - for telescopes up to 10 kg

Accessories for mounts:
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Skywatcher RA Motor Drive for EQ5 with multi-speed handset


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