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Baader Off Axis Guider for the RCC Newtonian Coma Corrector

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Baader Off Axis Guider for the RCC Newtonian Coma Corrector 2956950
... matched especially for Baader RCC-1 Coma Corrector and digital SLR Cameras

RCC Off Axis Guider 2956950
Baader's new RCC Off-Axis Guider is made for the Baader RCC-I Coma Corrector and Digital SLR cameras. The guider's 36.5mm body length sets the backfocus at the 91.5mm nominal distance required for the RCC-I.

This OAG accepts 1.25" autoguiders and guiding eyepieces. The lower part of the body has a standard male T/T2 thread on one side (for camera attachment via a seaparate T ring) and a female T/T2 thread on the other (for attachment to the RCC Coma Corrector).

Baader RCC Off Axis Guider mit Koma Korrektor Connected with DSLR camera and LVI Autoguider

The RCC Off-Axis Guider incorporates convenient axial and radial guidestar adjustment, without loosening the main camera connection. For axial guidestar alignment, simply turn the small knurled thumbscrew in either direction to shift the guidestar along the optical axis. For radial (side to side) adjustment, loosen the bottom knurled thumbscrew and rotate the body radially - good and stable solution.

The off-axis prism is 9.35mm wide. The inside tube is 38mm in diameter. Depending on your adjustments, the prism will intrude into the light path by about 6-7mm leaving a clear aperture of 31-32mm.

The weight of the RCC Guider by itself is 160 gramms.

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