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HyperStar for C11 - f/2 FlatField Adapter for the Celestron SC

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Hyper Star C11 - photographical system for the Schmidt-Cassegrain f/2 prime focus
... turn your Celeston SC into a Schmidt camera

Celestron USA was one of the first big telescope manufacturers who was able to design fast Schmidt cameras for the consumer market. With the Hyper Star system, Celestron tied in with this tradition. In a few minutes, you can turn your Schmidt-cassegrain into a fast f/2 Schmidt camera suitable for the high resolution of modern CCD sensors.


The Hyper Star system replaces the secondary mirror:

By easy adapting the Hyper Star system to the Schmidt plate, you can change within a few minutes between the f/2 and the f/10 focus of your SC telescope.

Your SC telescope must be Fastar compatible - this is how it's prepared:
If your SC is already Fastar compatible, you just need to install the Hyper Star kit. For all other SCs, we offer the Hyper Star kit and (if you want) the alteration, too.

BA1341011: Fastar conversion kit for C11
BA1341011U: Installing the Fastar conversion kit (if you don't want to do it on your own)
Both products are offered in the "accessories" folder. Every conversion kit comes with a instruction manual.


What is the Hyper Star system and how does it work?

Hyper Star is a multi-lens corrector system which replaces the secondary mirror and corrects for the remaining abbreviations of the main mirror. Coma and field curvature are completely eliminated so you have a wide and flat field for photography. Simply spoken, you get an easy-to-use Schmidt Camera for the digital era.

The Hyper Star's advantages:

-- your old Schmidt Cassegrain is turned into a Schmidt Camera
-- all functions of your telescope remain
-- no expensive special optics are necessary - you have two telescopes in one
-- by the very short exposure times, even alt-azimuthal mounts can be used successfully
-- moderate exposure times are possible even using narrowband interference filters
-- camera adaption via special factory adapters (please specify your model when ordering)


Frequently asked questions concerning Hyper Star:

- How is focusing done?
... With the main mirror, as before.

- Can HyperStar be used for visual observation?
... Theoretically, yes. But we don't recommend that because the observer's head will cover most of the telescope's aperture.

- Is an eventually existing main mirror shift disturbing?
... Due to the very short focal length and the short exposure times, this causes no problems.

- Is the vignetting of this system a topic?
... No. For photography, vignetting is no problem because of the camera's limited dynamic range. Even professional telescopes often have a vignetting value of 50% and are used with success.

- Do I have to recollimate the system after altering?
... Here, we have one great advantage of the Hyper Star system. The secondary mirror is completely removed including its suppor cell and reinstalled in the same way. The system needs only one collimation after installing the first time.

Effective exposure time savings with the Hyper Star system:

In 30 seconds, you achieve the same result as with 12.5 minutes at f/10. So the necessary exposures times are reduced by the factor of 25. Many other distortions caused by seeing or periodic errors of the mount are also reduced. The overall image definition is raised. Alt-azimuthal mounts can be used, too. The field rotation effect does not harm your picture within 30 seconds.

HyperStar-CPCPicuture example: Hyper Star with a CPC - a polar wedge is not necessary.

Technical details:

-- Effective focal ratio with the Hyper Star: f/2
-- Effective focal length: 560mm
-- Usable sensor sizes: up to 27mm diagonal
-- Coatings: multi coatings on every glass/air surface
-- Collimation: Via collimation screws
-- Rotation: the camera can be turned by 360° with no loss of focus
-- Dimensions: 114.3x109.2mm (length x diameter)
-- Weight: < 1 kg
-- Distance to the focus - 59,7mm Distance to the focus from end of the hyperstar tube - beginning the connection thread

-- We also offer a very short adaptor to T2 and to M48 and to DSLR cameras

scope of delivery:

-- Hyper Star with holder
-- Instruction manual
-- Balance weight not included
-- With adaptor for Canon EOS Cameras (ask for other adaptors)

A picture sample with C11 and Hyper Star:

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Focus Position for HYPERSTAR:

Focus Position of Hyperstar

The Image shows, from which point of the Hyperstar the distance to the position of the camera sensor has to be measured.

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