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Geoptik Adaptor for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - with 1/4" Phototripod

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Geoptik Adaptor for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - with 1/4" Phototripod

Connect your CCD camera to the Canon EOS bayonet and use your high-quality lenses for astrophotography.

♦ Use your high-quality CCD camera and a sharp Canon EOS lens for unique wide field images of the starry sky.

♦ Simply connect your EOS lens to the EOS bayonet of the adapter - that is very easy to do.

♦ Simply connect your CCD camera or autoguider to the T2 thread (M42x0.75) of the adapter.

♦ Now you can mount the combination piggyback to your telescope or directly to your photo tripod.

♦ One-piece construction, thus very stable and rigid

♦ Flat base with 1/4" photo thread and three M5 threads (Image at left)

♦ Insert for 1.25" filters included. Additionally, there is a thread for 2" filters at the camera side

♦ Extra short - only 19 mm. With the TS T2 extension tubes and fine-tuning rings, you get your CCD camera trouble-free into the correct distance.


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TS-Optics Optics Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras - with 1/4" photo thread

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