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ATIK monochrome CCD Kamera - 11mm Chip - USB 2.0 - 6.45µm

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Atik 314 L+ Atik314L+, the gold standard in medium resolution cooled astronomy cameras.

The Atik 314L camera is based on the highly successful Atik 3 platform, which features state-of-the-art technology for supreme performance and ease-of-use. In addition the 314L+ has full set point temperature regulation to make taking matching dark frames a snap

A result of extensive research and development, the Atik 3 platform's benefits include:

- USB2 performance for ultra-fast download speeds
- 1 megapixel/second readout, or 2
megapixel/second in preview mode
- advanced electronics provide the best readout
noise characteristics
- lightweight cases put less stress on your focuser
- compact and symmetrical camera design allows
use with fork mounts, as well as Starizona's
Hyperstar system
- low power consumption - 12V, 0.8A - means longer
imaging sessions in the field
- highly efficient set point thermoelectric cooling - to
27°C below ambient temperature
- software-controlled cooling for automated operation
Like its brother the Atik 314E, this camera draws on all the advantages of this popular and highly successful platform. However, the Atik 314L+ incorporates exceptional Sony ICX285AL ExView 1392x1040 sensor with larger 6.45µm pixels, making it suitable for use on a wide range of telescopes. Readout noise is typically 4 electrons rms making this an extremely sensitive camera, and data download takes only 1.8s for a full-frame readout, or 0.9s in preview mode. The camera weighs only 400g. Back focus T2 - Sensor: 12 mm

This camera is a significant advance on the highly successful Atik 16HR model, which first made high quality, medium resolution imaging affordable to all.

Technical details:

Sensor Type

CCD - Sony ICX-285AL (monochrome version)

Horizontal Resolution

1392 pixels

Vertical Resolution

1040 pixels

Pixel Size

6.45 µM x 6.45 µM


16 bit

Back focus from T-thread 13.5 mm

Readout Noise

4 e-


USB 2.0 High Speed


12v DC 0.8A

Maximum Exposure Length


Minimum Exposure Length

1/1000 s

Guide Port

ST-4 compatible


Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=-27°C


approx. 400 gr

What’s included in the box?
- Camera body with 1.25” adapter
- 3 meter USB cable
- 1.8 meter battery power connector (Car lighter plug)
- CD-ROM with drivers, software and User’s manual (PDF)
- Quickstart guide (paper)
- Our highly acclaimed Capture software is included for camera control and data acquisition, and plug-ins are included to
allow use with AstroArt and MaximDL.
- A universal (110-230V) power adapter is optional.

System requirements:
Pentium II PC with 64MB RAM, Windows 98/XP/Vista, CD-ROM drive and USB port.

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Zwei Ergebnisse von H. Robert Gropp :

Die Atik Kameras sind einfach zu bedienen und bieten einen guten Ergebnissen ab :

Optik: SkyWatcher 150/750mm Newton
Guide Bereich: Celestron Refraktor 80/900mm
Guiding cam: Phillips ToUcam Pro II ( 840K ) "
Montierung : Vixen GPDX
Stativ : Berlebach
Antriebssystem : Boxdörfer MTS3 -SDI GoTo TS mit Schrittmotoren

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