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Giant binoculars 152mm Semi APO 45° angled - w/2" eyepieces

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TS Optics - Gigant Binoculars - 152mm Aperture, 26x magnification - 45° angled viewing position
... the ultimate binoculars for astronomy. With Semi APO triplet lenses

TS Gigant 152 mit 45 Grad Einblick

The TS Gigant 152 will show you gas nebulae, star clusters and galaxies like you have never seen them before! Observing with both eyes is an entirely different experience and superior to monocular observing. Viewing is much more comfortable and you will also see more detail.

Galaxies appear to be three-dimensionally hovering in the midst of the surrounding stars. Globular clusters appear like actual three-dimensional objects. Even on moon and the planets the TS Gigant shows stunning images. With optional eyepieces you can reach high magnifications.

Advantages of the TS Gigant compared with binocular viewers:

The Gigant 152mm is suitable even for use with 2" eyepieces, a feat that almost no binoviewer can offer. As a result you can view a particularly large area of the sky - up to about 2.3° in diameter! At the same time the image is twice as bright as that of a binoviewer for any given exit pupil diameter: Normal binoviewers split the light collected by a single objective and direct it to two separate eyepieces. As a result each eyepiece will only get half the light. Not so with the Gigant, which has a separate objective for each eyepiece!

Gigant 152 Semi Apo Objektive

Semi-APO Triplet Objective Lenses:

The Gigant 152 is built around a pair of 152mm triplet semi apo lenses with 824mm focal length. Colour correction is noticeably better than that of a classical achromatic objective, allowing for high magnifications without distracting false colour. The objective cells are adjustable.

Gigant 152 - 45° Einblick

Focuser of the Gigant 152:

The Gigant has a pair of helical focusers for 2" eyepieces. The focusers are aligned at a comfortable 45° angle, allowing for comfortable observing of objects far above the horizon. The prisms are large enough for good illumination of the full field of view. The individual eyepieces are focused by rotating. Interpupillary distance is freely adjustable from 62mm to 76mm.


-- Binocular refractor telescope with 152mm aperture and 824mm focal length
-- Objective type ... multicoated Semi-APO triplet
-- Retractable dewcaps ... yes
-- Carrying handle ... yes
-- Focusers ... for 2" standard eyepieces
-- Tube length with retracted dewcaps ... 750mm
-- Width ... 350mm
-- Tube weight ... 22kgs (with eyepieces)
-- Interpupillary distance (distance between your eyes) ... 62mm to 76mm
Gigant 152 Koffer Scope of Delivery:

-- Giant binoculars 152mm - 45° angled viewing position
-- 2x 32mm wide angle eyepieces with 70° apparent field of view for 26x magnification
-- cotton gloves and cleaning cloth
-- foam fitted carrying case

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