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Docter Giant Binoculars Aspectem 80/500 ED - 40x

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Aspectem 80/500 ED (40x with wide field eyepieces) Docter Aspectem 80/500 bino
(Picture above shows version with Vario-eyepieces)

DOCTER spyglasses are the perfect solution for all situations which call for excellent sight and best detail recognition at long range. They are excellently suited for ambitious observers, at the sea, in the mountains, but also for astronomical or ornithological observations and, for marksmen, to control the target. Watching sports events such as motor sport, derby, hang gliding or balloon trips is extremely fascinating, and you will very quickly be caught by the exciting feeling of sharing in what is happening. The high-capacity observation spyglass "ASPECTEM" will become your indispensable companion when you want to make out precise details at long range.

Easy handling
Due to the approved and technically perfect construction, the spyglass is very easy to handle. With some additional equipment such as the compact stable tripod, these binocular spyglasses are multipurpose but can also be mounted on a fixed point using the 20 mm pivot. Risks of carriage can be avoided using the optional carrying case.

Focus and brilliance at long range
The optical system has especially been developed and conceived for these types of spyglasses and it guarantees excellent detail recognition at long range.

Preciseness in manufacturing and workmanship…
stands for functionality, robustness and longevity. Made according to modern technologies, DOCTER spyglasses typify absolute peak values in quality and efficiency. High-quality glasses and a special multilayer coating on all glass-airsurfaces guarantee outstanding optical performance in brilliance and picture quality.

Durable, robust all-metal body
ASPECTEM spyglasses with slight aluminium die cast body are 100% reliable, climate resisting, splashproof and highly weather- and dustproof. The surface of lens barrels and prism casings is grained and looks very elegant and leather-like.

Clever to the last detail
To adjust the correct aperture plate distance, simply move one side of the prism body: the opposite body moves automatically due to the well-contrived coupling. The desired damping and locking for both swivelling axis’s is easily to be adjusted by means of knurled locking rings. Presetting even to great distances is comfortably to be attained using the line of sight („notch and bead sights”) which is integrated in the carrying handle.

Ø Lens aperture80 mm
Ø Exit pupil2 mm
Eye relief distance10 mm
Twilight factor57
Aperture plate distance56-74 mm
Optical image resolutionbesser 3"
Close focus range15 m
Field of view / 1000 yd117 ft
Subjective scope of view90°
Overall mass4900 g
Size (length x width x height)507 x 210 x 120 mm

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