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TS-Optics DSLR Modification Service for Canon EOS APS-C - installation Baader filter

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TS-Optics DSLR Modification Service for Canon EOS APS-C - installation Baader filter

Conversion service for your Canon EOS SLR with APS-C size sensor.

♦ The Canon IR cut filter is removed.

♦ The matching Baader BCF EOS filter is installed. The price already includes the Baader filter.

♦ The sensitivity in the important H-alpha range increases significantly by the factor 3 - see transmission curve - comparison Baader filter to original filter from Canon

♦ Conversion is made by the official Canon service

♦ This modification service is meant for Canon EOS cameras with APS-C sensor. There is a separate item for full-frame DSLRs from Canon.


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