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BCF Filter for Refitting Canon EOS 400D to 1200D

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Baader BCF - Filters for Refitting Canon EOS cameras

Canon Digital SLR cameras have built themselves a reputation as bein perfectly suitable for astro-imaging in such cases where you wish to be independent from a computer.

The cameras have many strength, but they also have a weakness: The IR cut filter which is integrated in the camera cuts off a large portion of the important red part of the spectrum - most notably of the H-Alpha line. As a result red structures in nebulae (H-II regions) appear much fainter in relation to the other regions than would be normal.

The solution: Change the integrated IR cut filter

By exchanging the original Canon filter for a Baader BCF filter you increase the sensitivity in H-Alpha by a large factor. With this filter the camera is then even more sensitive than the legendary Canon EOS 20DA Astro camera.

The BA BCF filter also doesn't need the anti-aliasing layer of the original filter - Deep Sky Objects and stars are not prone to colour moire. Since the anti-aliasing layer also renders a slightly softer image leaving it out even increases the contrast and sharpness.

Still Suitable for Daytime Imaging:

The new BCF filters can also be used within some limits for daytime photography. You will need to do a manual white balance, but then the colours appear as normal. We recommend the setting for "artificial light" when using the BCF filter.

Installing the filter requires some technical skill. It should only be done by experienced persons.

You even need to do some soldering in the close vicinity of the camera's sensor!

In addition any dust that might get between the filter and the sensor will appear sharply on the image.

We offer a Canon Refit Service for all customers who do not wish to do the modification themselves. You can find a link to further information under "recommended accessories".

Advantages of the Baader BCF Filters compared with the original Canon Filter:

-- significantly improved sensitivity for H-Alpha
-- improved sharpness
-- reduced noise by reaching shorter exposure times
-- less chromatic aberration in objective lenses due to a more "rapid" block of the UV light

Baader ACF / BCR Filters are available for the following CANON EOS cameras:

The filter on offer in this particular product presentation is highlighted in the following table. The other filters and our refit service can be found under "recommended accessories".

Item No. Suitable for the following camera models:
BA IR EOS 400 Canon EOS 100D, 400 D, 450 D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 700D, 1000D, 1100D, 1200D, 40D, 50D,
60D and 7D

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Author: Fakhri Al-Alami, 01.06.2016
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"excellent product, small but worth it"


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