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TS-Optics WS240GT German GoTo Mount with FS2 Controler - telescopes to 70kg

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Heavy Equatorial Mount WS240GT - Professional GoTo Mount for high-end applications - up to 70kgs load capacity (conservative estimate)

... high end observatory mount with FS2 Goto drive and high quality Escap P530 motors. Ideal for astro imaging.
... Conditions: From our exhibitions - tested and 100% OK - only small signs of use

ws240 Goto Montierung

The WS240GT
was developed in a joint venture by Teleskop-Service, Ukrainian and Russian engineers. Their goal was to develop a mount for professional use by advanced amateurs, especially for astro imaging. The mount was to have an extremely high load capacity and at the same time was designed so that if necessary it could still be transported.

The development team succeeded in creating one of the best mounts we have ever seen in this price range. The maximum periodic error is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be smaller than +/- 5 arc seconds and appears very smoothly for easy guiding.

Specifications of the WS240GT:
-- Weight of the equatorial head: 48kgs (can be splitted for transport)
-- RA head: 19kg
-- DEC axis body: 29kg
-- Height of the equatorial head: 600mm
-- Load capacity: 70kgs - this is a conservative estimate.
-- Geographical range: 20-70° Northern and Southern Latitude
-- Azimuth fine adjustment range: +/- 7°
-- Counterweight shaft diameter: 50mm
-- RA worm wheel: Diameter 240mm, bronze, 300 teeth
-- DEC worm wheel: Diameter 180mm, bronze, 225 teeth
-- Worm shafts: Diameter 32mm, tool steel, polished
-- Radial error +/- 0.001mm
-- RA and DEC shaft diameter 60mm
-- Twelve roller bearings
-- RA bearing diameter: 170mm
-- DEC bearing diameter: 155mm
-- Two counterweights included: 12kgs and 8kgs

Precision Goto Drive FS2 Made in Germany:
FS2 controller

Instead of creating a new drive system for this mount we decided to use the excellent FS2 precision goto drive system. This superb drive not only offers Goto functions with a database of over 3700 objects, but is made specifically for the advanced astro imager. Many features including PEC, an autoguiding port etc serve to make life easier for astrophotographers!

With the included Escap motors the 30V variant of the FS2 offers fast goto speeds (up to approx. 4° per second). Of course the mount can also be operated with 12V power supplies. The only disadvantage is that the maximum Goto speed is a little slower.
...................................................................................................................... Further Info on the FS2

Escap P530 Stepper Motors:
We have selected stepper motors ideally suited for a mount of this size and application. The Escap P530 stepper motors are known for their excellent drive precision and strength. Both the motors and the drive come from one single source and are installed directly by the manufacturer of the amount. This guarantees that everything will work smoothly and without problems.

Scope of Delivery:
-- Heavy Equatorial Mount head with counterweight shaft
-- two counterweights (12kg and 8kg)
-- 3" saddle plate for standard Losmandy-style dovetail plates.
-- pier adaptation - Diameter 220mm .. ready for individual adaption to tripods or piers

Size comparison with other mounts:
WS240 size comparison
From left to right:
Skywatcher EQ5, Losmandy GM8, WS240GT, Celestron CGE (similar sized to G11)

A great combination for observatories: The TS 16" truss RC with the WS240GT
WS240 with TS 16

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