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Intes Mikro Reducer 0.8x e.g. for Maksutov Cassegrains & RC

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Intes Mikro focal reducer 0.8x - with SC thread connection
... suitable e.g. for Maksutov Cassegrains (f/9 and slower) and flat-field systems like the GSO RCs
Intes Mikro Reducer 0,8x für Maksutov Cassegrains und ähnliche Geräte
Although this focal reducer has been designed for Intes Maksutov-Cassegrains, it also works very well with other flat-field systems. The make quality is "typical russian" but the optical quality is very good.

Focal reduction:
The factor is 0.8x and therefore the photographic speed is increased by 25%. For instance, a f/12 system is turned into a f/9.6 system. This reducer has best performance with smaller sensors up to APS-C format. The set distance between the reduer's back SC thread to the sensor plane is 70mm. Prolonging this distance leads to an increased compression factor.

Field curvature:
... is not effected. A curved field remains curved and a flat field remains flat.

Free aperture:
48mm - better than T2 systems offering max. 38mm

Connection threads:
SC female on the telescope side and SC male on the camera side. This thread size is very common and allows individual adaptations for many kinds of telescope/camera combinations.

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