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TS-Optics 2" Accessory Kit: 2" star diagonal + 2" 30mm wide angle ERFLE

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TS Optics 2" Kit - more field of view for an improved observing experience

This kit offers the maximum field of view physically possible with 2" eyepieces. Compared with the largest possible field in a 1.25" eyepiece (for example a 40mm Plossl) the field is 40% larger !!

The larger field of view improves the observing experience on extended objects like star clusters, nebulae and some galaxies. Seeing these objects in the context of the surrounding stars makes them appear even more stunning!

Another great advantage is finding the objects, which is a lot easier with the larger field of view.

This 2" kit is particularly recommended on fast refractors with f/5 to f/7, where a longer focal length eyepiece would render a too large exit pupil diameter.

When viewing nebulae with larger exit pupils, an O-III filter might strongly improve contrast, whereas a UHC filter will also work with medium exit pupils. Both types can be found in the "recommended articles" section.
Included in the 2" Kit:

When creating this kit we put emphasis on the selection of good quality parts:

2" ERFLE eyepiece, 30mm focal length

A powerful and high contrast Deep Sky and wide field eyepiece:

-- Focal Length 30mm
-- Fully Multicoated
-- ERFLE Design (5 lens)
-- Field of view 68°
-- Blackened lens edges
2" Star Diagonal Mirror with 91% reflectivity - solid build, good optical quality

This 2" star diagonal features a solid high quality mechanical design. Accessories are held securely in place with a compression ring. A 1.25" adaptor (also with compression ring) is included. The mirror is of high optical precision and has 91% reflectivity.

The 2" Kit is suitable for:

We recommend this kit for fast refractors with a 2" focuser or 2" visual back. The focal ratio of the telescope should be f/5 to f/7. If you are not sure whether the kit fits your telescope we will be happy to help with advice!

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