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Starway Mounting Plate for Cameras and Telescopes - Side-by-side

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Starway Sturdy Side-By-Side Mounting Plate for Cameras and Telescopes
TS Starway side-by-side mount
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The TS Optics Parallel Mount or "Parallelbefestigung" offers an optimized solution for mounting a camera or a compact telescope side-by-side with the main telescope or guide scope.

Compared with classic solutions such as mounting the camera piggy-back on the telescope or mounting it on the often not very sturdy counterweight shaft the TS Optics Parallel Mount offers better stability, more flexibility and/or shorter lever arms and thus a reduced load for the mount.

The Parallel Mount accepts spotting scopes, cameras and even compact telescopes up to approximately 5kgs weight, connected with a 1/4" camera screw next to the main telescope. The main telescope is attached using a standard Vixen-style dovetail plate (not included).

Compatible Mounts:
- All modern Vixen mounts starting with the Great Polaris (GP) line and newer. All "clones".
- Skywatcher EQ5, H-EQ5, EQ6
- Celestron ADM / CAM
- Meade LXD 75 and similar

Mounting Options for Telescopes and Cameras:
The main telescope is attached to the Parallel Mount using a standard Vixen-style dovetail plate. The plate is not included. The camera or compact telescope next to the main telescope is attached using a standard 1/4" camera thread.
Example for use
Practical Tips from Teleskop-Service:
It is particularly important to properly balance the instruments on a mount. This improves stability, tracking accuracy and also will improve the operating life-span of the mount. Usually the main telescope and the camera or secondary telescope have a different weight. You can balance the entire assembly by simply sliding it more to the left or to the right in the mount's saddle plate. The main telescope in turn should be balanced by moving it back and forth in the saddle plate of the Parallel Mount.

Advantages of the TS Optics Side-by-Side Mount compared with conventional camera adaptations:
The Parallel mount offers shorter lever arms than a piggy-back camera mount. This in turn reduces the effective load for the mount. In addition it is easier to properly balance the entire assembly. The stiff connection between the main telescope and the camera improves tracking accuracy by avoiding mechanical flexure between the parts.

On a conventional piggy-back mount the main telescope may be seen on the photo if you use short focal length lenses. In the Parallel mount the camera is further away from the telescope. The camera can even be pointed a few degrees away from the telescope to avoid it from appearing on the image!

Scope of delivery: 20 cm dovetail rail, prism clamp, 1/4" photo screw

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