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TS-Optics 102 mm f/11 Fraunhofer Refractor - Optical Tube Assembly

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TS-Optics 102 mm f/11 Fraunhofer Refractor - Optical Tube Assembly

The TS 102/1122mm Fraunhofer refractor offers a very good image and high contrast on moon and planets

♦ High-quality 2-element objective - glasses from Ohara (Japan)

♦ Significantly less chromatic aberration than with f/9 or f/10 refractors according to Fraunhofer

♦ Retractable dewcap for better transport and optimal protection against dew and stray light

♦ 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed and receptacle for finder shoe

♦ Eyepiece side connections 1.25" and 2" - the refractor can also be equipped with 2" accessories

♦ The refractor is well supported by mounts of the EQ3 and EQ5 class

♦ CNC tube rings and Vixen / EQ5 style dovetail ar are included in the scope of delivery


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