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Orion UK OMC140 Maksutov Cassegrain 1/4PV Wavefront Optics

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Orion UK OMC140 Maksutov Cassegrain 1/4PV Wavefront Optics
... F14 High power, High reolution - full aperture corrector

Orion UK OMC 140 Standard - 140/2000mm Gregory Mak

Carbon Fibre Tube offering thermal stavbility, high tensile strength with low weight.

Sky at Night Magazine awarded the OMC 140 OTA Winner in their Group Test of Catadioptric Scopes. In summing up they said:

"the OMC140 deserved first prize for its high-quality views not just of planets but also of deep-sky objects. In the end it was those memorable moments with the Orion Nebula and Saturn with this telescope that swung our view in its favour"


Tube weight only 3.5Kg
Tube diameter 159mm
Tube length 450mm
Focal Length 2000mm
Focal ratio f14
Standard Optical Coatings
1/4PV Wavefront Optics
50mm Finder
Connection on the eyepiece side: 2" male SC Thread and adapter to 2" and 1.25"

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