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Geoptik Telescope Cover Large - Diameter 94cm - Lengh 185cm

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Geoptik Telescope Covers

The Geoptik Telescope Covers provide protection from weather influences and dirt if you wish to keep your telescope outside overnight. The cover is not meant as a permanent shelter, but it is ideally suited for "observing weekends" or star parties where you do not wish to put everything back inside, only to set everything up again the next day.

Advantages of Geoptik Telescope Covers:

-- Robust and tearproof material
-- The cover reflects sunlight and thus prevents a heat buildup inside. As a result you will not have to wait as long until the telescope is cooled down in the evening.
-- Three layers for perfect insulation and protection
-- The telescope covers are waterproof

Geoptik telescope covers are a multi-layer design. The outer layer is highly reflective (similar to Mylar) to reflect away the sun's radiation and heat. Underneath there are two plastic layers for rigidity and insulation. Even if one of the layers gets punctuated the other two layers will still keep water away from the telescope. Through the three-layer design the telescope covers have a long life-span.

Specifications of the Large Geoptik Telescope Cover:
Circumference: ....... 300 cm (therefor 150 cm wide in flat state)
Diameter: ................ 94 cm
Length: ................... 180 cm

Compatible Telescopes (Examples):
-- Schmidt-Cassegrains up to approx. 50 cm aperture
-- Dobsonians and Newtonians up to approx. 50 cm aperture
-- Large Refractors, Observatory Instruments
-- Side-by-side mounted telescopes
-- and many others

Practical Tips from TS:

Use an old cloth under the telescope cover. This cloth will draw the remaining moisture so that this moisture doesn't condense on the telescope.

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