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Orion X-Y Guide Star Finder - moves the Autoguider to the guiding star

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Orion X-Y guide star finder - replaces guide scope rings - enables hassle free centering onto a guide star
... made for astrophotography using guide scopes

Orion X-Y Guide Star Finder - Einstellhilfe für Leitsterne

Astrophotographers know from their own dreadful experience how difficult it can be to find a guide star. And even when the guide star is centered well with effort, the result may be trailed images - as again the guide scope attachment gave way to flexure.

The X-Y Guide Star Finder from Orion avoids this:

-- No expensive guide scope rings necessary. The guide scope can be installed with standard tube rings. Our recommendation is the TS Duomount.

-- Simple centering process of the guide star using micrometer adjustments - no hassle with shifting around the position.

-- Position perfectly kept - even heavy autoguiding cameras are held in position precisely and guarantee pinpoint stars even with long exposure times.

-- Easy to fit - just push the X-Y Guide Star Finder into the 1,25" eyepiece barrel of the guide scope, and push the guiding camera or the crosshair eyepiece into the 1.25" barrel at the other end of the X-Y Finder.

-- Short optical path - only 38mm optical path for the X-Y Finder. Hence to problems to reach the focus even with 1.25" diagonals. The 38mm do not count the 1.25" nosepiece as this disappears in the focuser anyway.

Orion X-Y Guide Star Finder - Einstellhilfe für Leitsterne - ED80

Who once worked with this practical tool wants never to do it without it again. The guide star is found and centered within minutes and the quality of the guiding increases as there is no guide scope ring flexure.

Accessory recommendations .................................................. see "recommended accessories":

-- TS Duomount - various versions - the best way to fit a guide scope along the main scope
-- 0,5x reducer - ideal for small guide chips of high resolution, where the guide scope focal length gets too high.

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