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TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3-6mm - high quality planetary zoom

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Tele Vue Nagler Zoom eyepiece 3-6mm - 1.25" - ENZ-0306

... high magnification zoom eyepiece with top optical performance on a level with very high quality fixed focal length eyepieces.

Tele Vue Nagler Zoom minimum magnificationTele Vue Nagler Zoom - maximum magnification

Nagler Zoom eyepieces are a revolutionary new concept. They were not made to cover the entire magnification range of your telescope. Instead, they were made explicitly for high magnifications in small increments. The goal was to create one eyepiece that will render the maximum useful magnification in all observing nights.

Advantage of the Nagler Zoom:

In nights with good seeing conditions you can effectively use higher magnifications with your telescopes than in nights with adverse conditions. Normally this means that you will need 2-3 very good quality fixed eyepieces in order to always use the full potential of your telescope. The Nagler Zoom is the alternative. You can adjust the focal length in 0.5mm steps, so the Zoom is able to reduce the entire range of short focal length eyepieces.

How the Nagler Zoom works:

In regular zoom eyepieces lenses are moved on the inside. This changes the apparent field of view and often means that the field stop is not clearly defined at all magnifications. In the Nagler zoom there are two main lens groups. These two groups are moved in relation to one another. The result is a constant field of view, a constant viewing distance, and always a sharply outlined field stop.


-- Focal length: 3 ... 6mm freely adjustable, but with stops at 0.5mm increments
-- Barrel size: 1.25", with filter thread
-- Apparent field of view: 50°
-- Field stop diameter: 5.1 ... 2.6 mm
-- Eye relief: 10mm
-- Dimensions: height 58mm (fully extended) / Diameter 43mm
-- Weight: 150 grams
-- Optical layout: 5 lenses / 3 groups

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