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TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 3,5" focuser - no color fringing

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TEC Telescope Engineering CompanyTEC (Telescope Engineering Company)
Since 1994, this company produces high end telescopes for science & research and for demanding amateurs also. All TEC components fulfil highes quality standards. Optical design and manufacturing are performed directly by TEC.

TEC 140 ED APO - 140mm Aperture - 980 mm focal length - no color fringing
one of the best apochromatic refractors we know - for top-level visual observartion and also imaging.
TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 4TEC 140 APO with Losmandy G11

Triplet APO 140/980mm - with highest quality and very good mechanical craftmanship

With this APO, TEC offers an instrument for the demanding amateur who wants a transportable system with perfect image on and off the optical axis also.
  • Aplanatic Oiled Triplet refractor with ED glass (FPL-53) as a middle element.
  • The color correction is optimized for visual use with focus shift less than 0.02% from 436nm to 1000nm.
  • Calculated Strehl for e-line (546nm) is 0.99.
TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 4Spot Diagram of the TEC APO 140:

In Praxis, this means an image free of false colour. Moon and Planets are depicted in their true color.

At astro photographical use, stars are shown pinpoint without color fringes.
TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 4Triplet TEC APO 140 triplet lens:

The oiled lens is free of reflexions and offers the highest transmission possible.

Theoretical resolution: 0.8".
Photographic speed: f/7
Free aperture: 140mm - Focal length: 980mm
TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 4The focuser of the TEC APO 140:

3,5" TEC focuser with 9:1 dual speed transmission.

This focuser is especially designed for the TEC APO 140.

It guarantees finest focusing free of shifting or tilting and full field illumination without vignetting.
Technical details:
-- Aperture: 140mm
-- Focal length: 980mm
-- Photographic speed: f/7
-- Lens: Oiled Triplet APO with FPL53 ED Element
-- Focuser: 3,5" Feather Touch by Starlight Instruments
-- Resolution: 0.8"
-- OTA weight: 8.2 kgs

Scope of delivery:
-- TEC APO 140 with 3,5" TEC focuser and 2" reducer.
TEC Triplet APO 140/980mm - 4Useful accessories, recommended by Teleskop-Service (see also the accessories section below):

-- orginal TEC tube rings
-- TEC finder shoe
-- TEC aluminium transport case
-- TEC medium format flattener for astro imaging
-- TS 2" flattener for APS-C sensors
-- Prism rails for nearly all existing mounts

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