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LUNT 100 mm Ha Etalon Filter System with B1800 blocking filter for 2" focuser

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LUNT 100 mm Ha Etalon Filter System with B1800 blocking filter for 2" focuser

The LS100 Hydrogen-alpha etalon filter system with 100 mm aperture for use on any refractor and many other telescopes. Because of the bandwidth of <0.7 Ångström it is capable to provide high contrast.

♦ Aperture 100 mm

♦ Bandwidth <0.7 Ångström (single-pass!)

♦ Tuning through tiltable etalon

♦ Front thread M120x1.5 female

♦ Rear thread M120x1.5 male

♦ Cell wih 162 mm diameter and 101 mm length

♦ Blocking filter B1800 in diagonal for 2" focuser

♦ Maximum focal length of telescope: 1800 mm

♦ The two solar photographs are made by Jose Muñoz Reales (Aster, Agrupació Astronòmica de Barcelona).


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