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TS-Optics TS130mini MONO autoguider and 1.25" astro camera - sensor D=6.1 mm

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TS-Optics TS130mini MONO autoguider and 1.25" astro camera - sensor D=6.1 mm

The SW camera Ceres-M - TS130mini with the high resolution by 3.75 µm pixel is a very good autoguider and planetary camera with 1.25" diameter for easy connection

♦ Fast Aptina ARO130 mono sensor with QE 80%.

♦ 4.8 x 3.6 mm sensor (diagonal 6.1 mm)

♦ High resolution due to 3.75 µm pixel - ideal for finder guiding

♦ ST-4 autoguider port

♦ USB3.0 interface for fast data transfer

♦ 12 bit dynamic range

♦ AR protection glass - sensitivity up to infrared given

♦ DPS (Dead Pixel Suppression) removes the annoying dead (hot and cold) pixels from the image

♦ 1.25" housing, the camera can be attached to the telescope like an eyepiece

♦ Additional M28.5x0.6 - 1.25" filter thread (internal thread) - The sensor is 7.5 mm from the thread.

♦ Only 65 grams light


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