<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 12.06.2023 (13 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 12.06.2023 (13 days)

TS-Optics 10" f/6.4 RC Telescope with Corrector - Carbon Truss Tube

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TS-Optics 10" f/6.4 RC Telescope with Corrector - Carbon Truss Tube

Ritchey Chretien astrograph with 254 mm aperture with corrector and fast focal ratio of f/6.4 for astrophotography with sensors up to full frame format

♦ Aperture 254 mm / focal length 1625.5 mm / focal ratio f/6.4

♦ High quality 3" rack and pinion focuser with internal corrector and 360° rotation - everything is screwed together

♦ Primary mirror and secondary mirror made of quartz glass for stable focus position

♦ 99% reflection on primary mirror and secondary mirror for a bright image and short exposure times

♦ Carbon truss tube with high quality workmanship for optimal stiffness and focus stability

♦ Working distances 55 mm from M48x0.75 thread (adapter included) and 73.7 mm from M68x1 thread for individual adaptations

♦ Two Losmandy style dovetail bars for adapting to mounts and attaching optional accessories such as guiding scope

♦ The focuser can be tilted independently from the primary mirror (tilting)

♦ Ventilation of the primary mirror accelerates cooling down

♦ Extensive accessories like 2" connection for observation, extension rings between focuser and telescope, finder shoe on the tube ...

♦ Each RC is individually tested before storage, the otpik is checked and the mechanics are optimized.


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