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Rainbow Astro RST-135 GoTo Mount Red

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Rainbow Astro RST-135 GoTo Mount Red

This versatile mount combines low weight with high payload and allows equatorial use as well as alt-azimuth use.

♦ Counterweights not required

♦ Only 3.3 kg weight

♦ Capacity 13.5 kg (max 18 kg)

♦ Strain wave gear (Harmonic Drive)

♦ GoTo

♦ WiFi and GPS

♦ Best for air travel

♦ 5-years warranty

♦ Several images show the standard version for a better view

♦ Comes without saddle plate

♦ The supplied power cable has open ends on the side of the power source for own adaptations. Completely assembled cables are linked in the accessories section.


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