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ZWO MONO Astro Camera ASI294MM Pro cooled - Sony Sensor D=23.2 mm

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ZWO MONO Astro Camera ASI294MM Pro cooled - Sony Sensor D=23.2 mm

The cooled MONO PRO camera from ZWO has the newest Sony IMX294CJK sensor - high-sensitivity astro camera for deep-sky photography.

♦ Sensor: Sony 4/3" CMOS mono sensor IMX294CJK - "back illuminated" sensor

♦ Sensor diagonal 23.2 mm

♦ Pixel: 4.63 µm pixel size - 4144 x 2822 pixels

♦ Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient

♦ Short download time through USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ AR protection window built-in - full transmission even in infrared

♦ Connection: T2, 1,25" and 2"

♦ Separately screwed front panel - now the camera body cannot be unscrewed by mistake

♦ Extremely high sensitivity, QE is about 90%. You can photograph dim nebulae and galaxies with only 30 seconds exposure time.

♦ USB2.0 connection for filter wheels, autoguiders or USB focuser

♦ Full well capacity 66 ke - 14Bit - even bright stars do not burn out anymore.

♦ DDR memory buffer 256 MB for more stable data exchange - also minimizes amp glow with USB2.0 (characteristic feature of the new PRO versions


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