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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.8x corrector for refractors from 102 mm aperture - ADJUSTABLE

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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.8x corrector for refractors from 102 mm aperture - ADJUSTABLE

TS 0.8x Photoline focal reducer and corrector for APO and ED refractor telescopes from 102 mm to 155 mm aperture with integrated fine tuning - no more adapter battle!

♦ Illumination and correction up to 42 mm sensor diameter - can be used up to full frame size

♦ Telescope connection via M63x1 thread - Adapters to other connections, like M68x1, are available

♦ Camera connection via M48x0.75 thread

♦ The working distance can be adjusted to the millimeter via an integrated adjustment - a complicated adapter battle is not necessary

♦ The corrector can be used on all refractor telescopes with focusers from 2.5" upwards

♦ The corrector provides optimum performance on all refractors between 102 mm and 155 mm aperture

♦ 3-element design with ED special glass

♦ No reflexes due to full multi-coating and internal blackening

♦ Can be used on several telescopes, thanks to the variable distance setting


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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.8x corrector for refractors up to 102 mm aperture - ADJUSTABLE

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