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Vixen VMC95L - Modified Cassegrain Telescope, 95 mm Aperture

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Vixen VMC95L - Modified Cassegrain Telescope, 95 mm Aperture

Lightweight, portable and powerful, the Vixen Optics VMC95L 95 mm telescope is a fine choice for observation or imaging, especially while travelling.

♦ Highly portable - weighs only four pounds!

♦ The corrector system at the secondary compensates the spherical aberration while not affecting cooling down

♦ Smaller secondary mirror versus Schmidt-Cassegrain reduces obstruction and increases contrast

♦ Unique curved secondary holder for reducing annoying diffraction effects

♦ Internal focusing system provides more working distance if needed

♦ Built-in 1.25" diagonal and straight through camera port - quick visual check possible while camera remains attached

♦ Includes universal GP dovetail to fit all Vixen and many other mounts

♦ Dimmable red dot finder shows undistorted view of the sky, making aiming easy


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Cleaning & Collimating:
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ZEISS Moist Cleaning Wipes (20-Pack)

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Planisphere - 50° Northern Latitude - Star Chart - German vers.

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