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Like new: Meade 8" LX200 GoTo Telescope ACF SC 203/2000 mm

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Like new: Meade 8" LX200 GoTo Telescope ACF SC 203/2000 mm

The LX200-ACF 8" f/10 GoTo Cassegrain is a powerful telescope for astrophotography and observing.

Telescope is in top condition (from exhibition) - it has been freshly inspected and cleaned. You have a full warranty. Only the original packaging is missing.

♦ Aperture 203 mm / focal length 2000 mm / focal ratio f/9.8

♦ Coma free ACF for sharper stars in the field for astrophotography

♦ Primary mirror fixing prevents the primary mirror from tilting during longer exposures

♦ Powerful LX200 GoTo mount with high-quality worm gears in both axes

♦ Astrophotography becomes possible with the optional equatorial wedge, here the SmartDrive corrects the periodic error permanently (PPEC)

♦ The AutoStar-II control takes you to more than 140,000 objects and also provides control by an external computer

♦ The Standard Field Tripod ensures good stability at moderate weight


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Transport & Covers:
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