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Starlight Xpress Trius PRO SX694 Mono Camera - Set Filterrad OAG Lodestar X2

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Starlight Xpress Trius PRO SX694 Mono Camera - Set Filterrad OAG Lodestar X2

The complete set with the Starlight Trius PRO camera, the SXMFW-1T filter wheel with off-axis guider and the Lodestar X2 autoguider is an attractive complete package.

♦ Sony Sensor ICX694AL EXVIEW CCD MONO sensor - 12.49 x 9.99 mm - diagonal 15.98 mm

♦ Pixel size 4.54 µm

♦ 6.10 megapixels

♦ Very good sensitivity 77% QE - maximum at 580 nm

♦ Powerful controlled Peltier cooling up to 55 °C below ambient temperature

♦ Distance T2 thread to sensor: 17 mm

♦ No fogging from the inside due to argon filling

♦ Starlight Mini Filter Wheel for 5 filters with off-axis guider

♦ Starlight Lodestar X2 autoguider - you will always find a suitable guide star


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