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TS-Optics 61EDPH II - 6-Element Flatfield Apo 61 mm Aperture F/4.5

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TS-Optics 61EDPH II - 6-Element Flatfield Apo 61 mm Aperture F/4.5

The 6-element apochromat 61EDPH II with 61 mm aperture and 274 mm focal length has been developed by Teleskop-Service for astrophotography.

♦ Aperture: 61 mm

♦ Focal length: 274 mm

♦ High focal ratio f/4.5 for short exposure times

♦ Illuminated and corrected image field of 44 mm diameter - usable up to full-frame size format

♦ 6-element system with color-free triplet FPL53 obective lens and 3-element corrector

♦ 2.5" RAP dual-speed focuser with 360° rotation holds even heavy cameras

♦ CNC tube ring with universal dovetail bar with photo tripod connection and carrying handle is included in the scope of delivery

♦ Viewfinder shoe for viewfinders and mini telescopes is integrated at the CNC ring.

♦ Retractable dew cap

♦ Simple camera adaption via the M48 connection thread - working distance 55 mm

♦ 2" nebula filters can be easily adapted

♦ The lens has an aperture ratio of f/5.5 - in combination with the built-in corrector you get an effective aperture ratio of f/4.5.


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