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ASTREL AST16200-B-M-FW - Stand alone CCD Camera with KAF-16200 Mono Sensor

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ASTREL AST16200-B-M-FW - Stand alone CCD Camera with KAF-16200 Mono Sensor

Astrel Instruments AST16200B monochrome CCD camera - easy like a DSLR, powerful like a CCD camera and smart like a PC.

♦ Proven CCD camera sensor KAF-16200 Mono with 36.4 mm diameter and 16.2 MP

♦ Operation via computer or optional 5" CCD display as stand-alone system

♦ Integrated filter wheel for 4x 2" filters

♦ Liveview and Focus Modus

♦ Regulated cooling up to 40 °C below ambient - no dew through slight vacuum

♦ Powerful 1 GHz micro processor integrated for operation independent from PC

♦ Ethernet/WiFi connection to PC, tablet or smartphone possible

♦ 16 GB interal memory for exposures (expandible up to 64 GB) - no external device necessary

♦ Manufactured in Europe

♦ Display and keyboard optional


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