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TS-PHOTON 10" F4 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Tube

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TS-PHOTON 10" F4 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Tube

The PHOTON Newtonian reflector with 254 mm aperture and f/4 is a fast astrograph and rich-field telescope with carbon fiber tube.

♦ Aperture 254 mm / focal length 1016 mm / focal ratio F4

♦ High-quality parabolic primary mirror with 94% enhanced reflectivity for a brighter and more contrasty image.

♦ Large secondary mirror with 88 mm diameter for a well-illuminated image field - also suitable for cameras with full-frame size sensors.

♦ Carbon tube for more stability with better portability at the same time - Made in Germany!

♦ Optimal internal blackening with Berger Antireflexfarbe (anti reflection paint).

♦ Primary mirror cell and secondary mirror cell made of metal - no plastic - fully adjustable (image of the secondary mirror cell at left).

♦ Useful collimation aid on the primary mirror - central mark.

♦ Precise 2" MONORAIL focuser for more stability than with conventional Crayford focusers.

♦ Primary mirror fan for up to 50% quicker cooling.

♦ Focus position ready for observing with all popular eyepieces and for astrophotography.

♦ Tube rings, 8x50 finder and 35 mm extension tube for observing included in the scope of delivery.


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