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Celestron Omni 127 XLT - 127/1250mm SC telecope on CG4

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OMNI XLT 127 Schmidt Cassegrain 127/1250mm with OMNI mount and height-adjustable tripod (Celestron #11084)

This telescope set is based on the renown Celestron C5 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope - a powerful and compact system. Its image quality is on par with Maksutov telescopes of the same aperture.

The OMNI XLT 127 will be appreciated by amateurs who pay attention on a quality but compact setup. With a length of 28cm and a weight as less as 2.9kgs it is the ideal companion for airline travelling. The mount finds place in the standard luggage.

The main characteristics:
  • High optical quality incl. Celestron XLT coatings
  • Sturdy CG4 mount with setting circles (tracking motors optional, see "accessories"
  • Ball-beared worm gears
  • Stiff but lightweight steel tube field tripod
  • Setup within minutes, no tools needed
  • Best Celestron value for the price
  • GP-style fast coupling system (Dovetail rail)
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Elegant design

XLT logo

The Celestron XLT coatings offer a brighter image and more contrast than standard coatings. All OMNI telescopes have the XLT coatings as standard.

CG4 mount The OMNI mount and tripod:

It is the mount's task to offer solid telescope support and precise tracking. This is fulfilled by the OMNI system:

-- solid steel tube field tripod, height adjustable up to 140 cm
-- GP dovetail system for quick telescope connection
-- CG4 mounting head with manual fine controls

Technical details:

-- Aperture 127mm / Focal length 1250mm f/10
-- Schmidt-Cassegrain with XLT coatings
-- Limiting visual magnitude: 13m1
-- Resolution: 0.91"
-- Max. useful magnification: ca. 300x
-- OTA weight: 2.9kgs
-- Mount + tripod weight: 15 kgs
-- OTA length: ca. 28cm

Scope of delivery:

-- OTA with prism rail
-- 6x30 finder
-- 1.25" diagonal and 25mm Plössl eyepiece
-- OMNI mount CG4 with steel tube field tripod
-- Software "The Sky - Level 1"

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