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49,75 EUR*

Kowa iPhone 7/8/SE (2nd Gen) Adapter for Kowa binoculars and spotting scopes
42,50 EUR*

Kowa iPhone 4/4s Adapter for Kowa Binoculars and Spotting Scopes
42,50 EUR*

Kowa iPhone 5/5s/SE Adapter for Kowa binoculars and spotting scopes
22,24 EUR*

Supplemental adapter ring for XD/Genesis 44
24,37 EUR*

Supplemental adapter ring for Kowa XD/Genesis 33
28,57 EUR*

Kowa Adapter Ring for Smartphone - adapter for the TSN-500 series
158,82 EUR*

Kowa TP-100 Lens Hood
instead 242,86 EUR
only 221,25 EUR*

Kowa TE-20H Eyepiece 25x - for TSN-880 & TSN-770 Spotting Scopes
instead 284,87 EUR
only 258,75 EUR*

Eyepiece 20x - 60x, Zoom (with rotating eye cup), for TSN-663 and TSN-664
instead 226,05 EUR
only 203,36 EUR*

Kowa 30x Wide Angle Ocular for TSN-660 & TSN-600 spotting scopes, rotating eye cup
instead 189,08 EUR
only 173,75 EUR*

Kowa Eyepiece 25x for TSN-660 & TSN-600 spotting scopes
instead 587,40 EUR
only 535,00 EUR*

Kowa TE-11WZ 25-60x Zoom eyepiece for the TSN-880 / 770 spotting scopes
273,11 EUR*

Kowa TE-17W 30x Spotting Scope Eyepiece
instead 276,47 EUR
only 248,75 EUR*

Kowa 1.6x Extender for TSN-880/770 series spotting scopes
45,00 EUR*

Compensation plate for Kowa spotting scopes - weight compensation
57,50 EUR*

Kowa Standby bag for spotting scopes TSN-881/883
47,90 EUR*

Kowa Universal Shoe - 1/4" Photo Mount - Elevation 40mm.
57,50 EUR*

Kowa Standby bag for spotting scopes TSN-882/884
56,25 EUR*

Kowa Standby bag for spotting scopes TSN-771/773
46,25 EUR*

Kowa Standby bag for spotting scopes TSN-661/663
instead 310,08 EUR
only 288,75 EUR*

Kowa Universal Camera Adapter - Adaption via Tripod Connector TSN-DA4
33,61 EUR*

Kowa conversion ring for photo adapter - TSN880/770
30,00 EUR*

Kowa DSLR Photography - Conversion Ring for TSN-660/600
383,75 EUR*

TSN-PS1 Kowa DSLR photography - camera mount for straight viewing spotting scopes
145,00 EUR*

Kowa TSN-PA7 Digiscoping Adapter for Eyepiece Projection
instead 158,82 EUR
only 142,86 EUR*

Kowa TSN-PA8 Photo Adapter for Digiscoping with series 600 and 660 spotting scopes
1.045,00 EUR*

Kowa Wooden Tripod for the HIGH LANDER Large Binoculars
1.203,75 EUR*

KOWA Binocular center mount for HIGH LANDER
440,00 EUR*

Kowa Wide Angle Eyepiece 50x for HIGH LANDER
541,25 EUR*

Kowa Wide Angle Eyepiece 21x for HIGH LANDER
410,92 EUR*

KOWA aluminum case for HIGH LANDER

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