Astro-Physics INC High-End mounts made in USA

Telescope Mounts and accessories high-end quality range made in USA.



 Astro-Physics / Adapter to 2"  
73,11 EUR*

Astro-Physics ADA2003 - 2" Adapter for 2.7" telecompressor
 Astro-Physics / Barlows & Reducer Lenses  
306,72 EUR*

Astro Physics 2" advanced convertible Barlow
 Astro-Physics / Mount Acc .. Motors & Drives  
1.159,67 EUR*

Astro Physics GTO Keypad mit Protektor für AP GTO Montierungen
 Astro-Physics / Mount Acc .. Tripods and Piers  
382,35 EUR*

1.806,74 EUR*

Astro Physics EAGLE tripod for Mach1 and the 400-600 mounts
75,63 EUR*

Astro Phyics ADATRI Pier and Tripod Adapter for CNC-400 or 600
357,15 EUR*

Astro Physics Rotating Pier Adapter with Azimuth Bearing 900RPA
184,88 EUR*

Astro Physics 900SPA Pier Adaptor for GTO 900 Mounts
491,60 EUR*

Astro Physics 900WDG Wedge for 900GTO mount
142,86 EUR*

Astro Physics 900FSA Adapter for flat surfaces
142,86 EUR*

Astro Physics 119FSA Adapter for flat surfaces for 1100 GTO Mount
151,26 EUR*

Astro Physics 1612FSA Adapter for flat surfaces for 1200 and 1600 GTO Mount
 Astro-Physics / Mount Accessories .. Other  
252,10 EUR*

Astro Physics PASILL4 Polfinder for Mach1 and older mounts
252,10 EUR*

Astro Physics PASILL4-179 Polfinder for 1100 and 1600 GTO
477,32 EUR*

Astro Physics Polfinder 90° - RAPAS - for Mach1, 900, 1200, 1600GTO
 Astro-Physics / Mounts ... Equatorial  
instead 13.129,31 EUR
only 12.395,09 EUR*

Astro Physics GTO 1600 Mount with CTOCP3 Electronic - Telescopes to 90kg !
9.714,39 EUR*

AstroPhysics 1100GTO German Equatorial Mount - Telescopes to 50kg
 Astro-Physics / Power Supply  
63,03 EUR*

Astro-Physics CABLPF Power Cable - thread connection
 Astro-Physics / Reducers Converter Correctors  
201,68 EUR*

Astro Physics 0.67x Focal Reducer for astrophotography
277,31 EUR*

Astro-Physics 27TVPH 2.7" photo-visual Telecompressor 0.75x
903,37 EUR*

Astro-Physics 3,5" Field Flattener for Refractor 130GTX


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