Baader » Dovetail Clamps

 Baader / Everything for Guiding  
264,71 EUR*

Baader Stronghold Tangential Assembly, up to 7 kg Load - black Version
 Baader / Dovetail Clamps  
37,82 EUR*

Baader Additional EQ Clamp Brackets for Stronghold
167,92 EUR*

Baader 200 mm (8") Dovetail Saddle Plate for Super Polaris Mount
164,71 EUR*

Baader 1401130 - ZEISS/AP saddle plate, 200 mm long, 2 locking screws
79,83 EUR*

Baader 1501655 - 3" Dovetail Plate, flat, 190 mm
40,34 EUR*

Baader Dovetail Clamp - VixenEQ5 style level
184,03 EUR*

Baader Pan EQ Clamp V190 - Vixen dovetails to Losmandy Level
264,71 EUR*

Baader PAN 3"/EQ Clamp, 370 mm, dual for Losmandy and Vixen Style Dovetails
218,49 EUR*

Baader PAN 3"/EQ Clamp, 230 mm, dual for Losmandy and Vixen Style Dovetails
26,89 EUR*

Baader Rider Clamp 3", 60 mm - accessory clamping on Losmandy dovetail bars
32,77 EUR*

Baader 2450316 - 3" Accesssory Clamp for Baader Stronghold tangential assembly
453,78 EUR*

Baader 8" dovetail clamp for GM 4000 and GM 3000

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