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instead 343,97 EUR
only 337,93 EUR*

Vixen POLARIE Star Tracker - Nachführung für Sternfotografie
223,28 EUR*

Vixen Polarie Polar Scope PF-L with illumination - # 35521
68,88 EUR*

Vixen Polarie Time Lapse Adapter
128,45 EUR*

Vixen 35522 Polarie Multi Mounting Block - saddle plate
85,34 EUR*

Vixen 35525 Polarie Dovetail Slide Bar DD for Polarie
76,72 EUR*

Vixen 35526 Quick Release Angle Plate for Polarie
43,06 EUR*

Vixen 25826 Counterweight Rod for Polarie
37,93 EUR*

Vixen 25801 1.1 kg Counterweight with 20 mm bore, for example for Polarie
133,62 EUR*

Vixen 35519 Polar Fine Adjustment Unit for Polarie
85,34 EUR*

Vixen 35527 Quick Release Panorama Clamp - 360° rotation
instead 775,00 EUR
only 685,34 EUR*

Vixen Advanced Polaris AP Mount - modular mounting concept
instead 1.550,86 EUR
only 1.395,69 EUR*

Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount with Star Book One Hand Controller
1.981,90 EUR*

Vixen Sphinx-D Starbook GoTo mount
instead 3.188,79 EUR
only 2.937,93 EUR*

Vixen SXP Sphinx Professional GoTo Mount with new Polar Scope PF-L
2.237,07 EUR*

Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Mount with Star Book Ten and PFL Polar Scope
5.168,10 EUR*

Vixen AXJ GoTo mount with Control Interface STARBOOK TEN
4.564,66 EUR*

3.702,59 EUR*

Vixen SXP2 equatorial GoTo Mount with Belt Drive


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