Vixen » Imaging Correctors for Telescopes

 Vixen / Barlows & Reducer Lenses  
150,42 EUR*

Extender for Vixen Newton R 135 SDG and R 150 SDG
 Vixen / Imaging Correctors for Telescopes  
167,23 EUR*

Vixen Reducer & Flattener 0.67x for ED refractors by Vixen
208,40 EUR*

Vixen #3871 Reducer / Flattener for VMC200L and VMC260L
121,85 EUR*

Coma Corrector for Vixen R200SS f/4 Newtonian
503,36 EUR*

Vixen 3-Element Coma Corrector PH for R200SS Telescope
209,24 EUR*

Vixen Focal Reducer f/6.4 für VC200L
209,24 EUR*

Vixen 0.7x Reducer for AX103S APO
instead 671,43 EUR
only 604,20 EUR*

Vixen Focal Reducer 0.79x for VSD 100 mm f/3.8 APO Astrograph
293,70 EUR*

Vixen 0.77x Reducer HD for VX200L and AX103S
335,29 EUR*

Vixen 1.0 Flattener for FL55SS Fluorite APO Refractor Telescope
instead 427,73 EUR
only 384,87 EUR*

Vixen 0.79x Reducer for FL55SS Fluorite APO refractor telescope
242,86 EUR*

Vixen X000153 SD Flattner HD Kit

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